Our claim

For us, sustainability means fulfilling our holistic responsibility for nature, people and the economy. In concrete terms, this means, for example:

Sustainability in our business

Conserving resources is a fundamental matter of course for us which is reflected in our daily actions and especially in our production. With constant investments in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we contribute to a continuous improvement of our energy efficiency. For example, with our own combined heat and power plants, which contribute to the sustainable supply of electricity and heat as an efficient climate protection measure. We sell overproduction or products with blemishes in our factory outlet to avoid food waste.

Less is more: Sustainable packaging

For reasons of hygiene and product safety, we use plastic as the packaging material for our products. But even with our packaging, less is more. In the long term, we strive for optimal recyclability of our packaging and are continuously looking for innovative, sustainable and contemporary packaging solutions. 

Meat sustainability

We source the raw materials for our sausage products as close to home as possible to keep delivery distances short. Over 45% of the raw materials are sourced from within a radius of 100 km. In the case of meat, this means that we primarily source it from medium-sized slaughterhouses and cutting plants in North Rhine-Westphalia or the neighbouring German federal states. Strengthening small and medium-sized businesses is a particular concern of ours for reasons of responsibility for future generations.

Vegan? Of course!

We want to contribute to sustainability not only in our production, but also with our product range. Our vegan products are purely plant-based and thus contribute to a reduced CO2 footprint. In this way, they represent a sustainable and contemporary alternative to our meat-based products, which is very close to our hearts.